Hick's Hack

42-31082, Hick's Hack, a B-17G-1-BO built in Seattle in September 1943, was one of the original Harvard planes, ferried to Rattlesden in November 1943 by the Hickey crew. 

Hick's Hack, photographed with the Hickey crew
at Harvard AAB in November 1943

Combat Missions:

Date Target Pilot
12/30/43 LUDWIGSHAFEN Leavitt
01/07/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN Marcy
01/11/44 BRUNSWICK Hickey
As listed in MACR 2512, A/C 42-31082 Hick's Hack
Pilot 2Lt Claude L. Hickey POW
Copilot 2Lt Justin W. Kegley POW
Navigator 2Lt Jerome G. Moskowitz POW
Bombardier 2Lt Vernon D. Devitt POW
Top Turret T/Sgt Joseph Rokow POW
Radio Operator Sgt Wade E. Hampton POW
Ball Turret S/Sgt John J. Roth KIA
Left Waist Sgt Irving Gitlitz POW
Right Waist Sgt Robert E. Schooling KIA
Tail Gunner Sgt Johnnie Deerr Jr POW


John L. Roth
Margraten Netherlands American Cemetery