Butch II

Some records indicate this aircraft was originally with the 401st Bomb Group at Deenethorpe, and transferred to the 447th shortly after the group's arrival at Rattlesden, possibly as a replacement for 42-37865, lost over the Atlantic on November 27, 1943.

According to information from Mr. James Ritchie, Group Intelligence Officer, Butch II may have been flown from Harvard to Rattlesden in November 1943.  Butch II did lead the group's first two missions on December 24 and 30, with Col. Hunter Harris at the controls.  It remained with the group until written off after a crash landing on April 20, 1945.

Undated photo from the album of Lt. Allen Miller.

Private collection of Gregory Pons.


Butch II after a crash landing.  Photo is not dated, and could be in 
April 1945, before Butch II was written off.