Ground Pounder

Another of the Harvard planes, ferried to Rattlesden in late November 1943.  On board were:

Major Frank M. Newman             Sq Commander
2nd Lt Charles S. Hopla           Pilot
1st Lt Richard W. Fiero           Navigator
1st Lt Charles S. Logan Jr.       Bombardier
2nd Lt Frederick A. Mason         Engineering O.
2nd Lt Lester R. Hofwolt          Bombsight O.
T/Sgt Edward V. Reed              Sq Inspector
T/Sgt Ignacio W. Garcia           Sq Comm Chief
Sgt Ralph N. Allen                Armament Chief
Sgt Edward (NMI) Stein            Gp Opns Clerk
Source: Sp. Order No. 272, Kearny, courtesy of Mr. Joseph Genter

Photo date unknown

Ground Pounder flew with the 708th Squadron from the beginning of operations in December 1943. She was badly damaged on the April 29 1944 raid to Berlin, but returned to base and was repaired (Operational Charts in the Pictorial History show the aircraft lost on that date). She continued to fly until October 2, 1944 when Lt. Zalewski made a forced landing on the continent, behind Allied lines near Brussels.  The entire Zalewski crew returned to Rattlesden a few days later. 


447bg.com Ref: B0559-0022

3.  A/C #095, pilot Lt. Zalewski, suffered the loss of one
engine and damage to a second engine over the target due to flak.
He trailed the formation to the French Border where he lost another
engine.  The last message received was that operating on one engine
and running out of fuel, he had successfully bailed out his crew
19 miles SE of Brussels and was preparing to bail out himself.

4. This one aircraft, #095 was lost due to enemy action

Ground Pounder was salvaged for parts, where she landed, during April, 1945