Paper Doll

Boeing's B-17G-1-BO was delivered to the USAAF on September 21, 1943 and assigned to the 447th BOmb Group at Harvard AAB.  It was flown across the Atlantic by Lt. Francis Graham.  On board for the transit flight were:

Lt. Francis R. Graham
Lt. Carroll O. Welt, Jr.
Lt. Karol S. Dubiel
Lt. David P. Wohl, Jr.
Sgt Joyce C. Riddlehoover
S/Sgt Lynn Brown, Jr.
Pfc Henry E. Pruett
Sgt Edward R. Hallock
S/Sgt Ralph R. Bender
Sgt Felix C. Hall

Photo of Paper Doll at Rattlesden, sometime after February 5, 1944

Combat Missions:

1 01/04/44 MERIGNAC Graham
2 01/07/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN Kauffun
3 01/11/44 BRUNSWICK Graham
4 01/21/44 NOBALL NO. 107 Norris/Esterline
5 01/24/44 FRANKFURT Graham
6 01/29/44 BRUNSWICK Graham
7 01/30/44 WILHELMSHAVEN Skinner
8 02/03/44 FRANKFURT Leavitt
9 02/04/44 ROMILLY Graham
10 02/05/44 EVREUX-FAUVILLE Graham
11 02/08/44 BRUNSWICK Graham
12 02/13/44 WESEL Graham
13 02/20/44 TUTOW Graham
14 02/21/44 DIEPHOLZ Graham
15 02/24/44 ROSTOCK Beaty
16 02/25/44 REGENSBURG Leavitt
17 02/29/44 BRUNSWICK Leavitt
18 03/03/44 BERLIN - RECALL Graham

Enroute to Berlin, the formation had crossed the North Sea, when it crossed paths with a 1st Division group returning from a recall.  One plane from the 91st Bomb Group collided with an aircraft from the 94th Bomb Group.  Debris from that collision struck and damaged Paper Doll.  It fell and crashed with the loss of all on board.

On Paper Doll (MACR 2887)
Pilot Lt Francis R. Graham KIA
Copilot 2Lt Carroll O. Welt Jr KIA
Navigator 2Lt Karol S. Dubiel KIA
Bombardier 2Lt David P. Wohl Jr KIA
Top Turret T/Sgt Joyce C. Riddlehoover KIA
Radio Operator S/Sgt Henry E. Pruett KIA
Ball Turret S/Sgt Ralph R. Bender KIA
Left Waist S/Sgt Felix C. Hall KIA
Right Waist S/Sgt Lynn R. Brown Jr KIA
Tail Gunner S/Sgt Edward R. Hallock KIA

Paper Doll's name would return to the 710th Sqdn on 42-107052, Paper Doll II