No Regrets

42-31125, No Regrets, a B-17G-1-BO built in Seattle in September 1943, was one of the original Harvard planes, ferried to Rattlesden in November 1943 by the Lowry crew.  It flew only a single combat mission, on December 31, 1943 with the Lt. Milton Moore crew on board.

No Regrets, photographed with the Lowry crew
at Harvard AAB in November 1943.

Combat Missions:

Date Target Pilot
12/31/1943  Cognac Lowry

The official report on the mission made the following notation:

Of the 20 A/C dispatched, one (1) was lost in the immediate vicinity of the target just after bombs away. Observers in the formation reported that A/C #125, pilot Lt. M.R. Moore, pulled away in flames, evidently the result of a flak burst, spun down, and broke up in the air. Five (5) chutes were reported.

As listed in MACR 1769, A/C 42-31125 No Regrets
Pilot 2Lt Milton R. Moore POW
Copilot 2Lt James M. Coleman KIA
Navigator 2Lt Jerome Abrams POW
Bombardier 2Lt David J. Botello POW
Top Turret T/Sgt Ted J. Troy KIA
Radio Operator T/Sgt John R. Reagan POW
Ball Turret S/Sgt Daniel J. Norton Jr POW
Left Waist S/Sgt Edward L. Knapp EVD
Right Waist S/Sgt Wilbur R. Teapole KIA
Tail Gunner S/Sgt Harrell G. Strawn POW