Hi Jinx

No. 42-31145, "Hi-Jinx," a B-17G-5-BO, built by Boeing at the Seattle plant and delivered to the Army Air Force on September 25, 1943. Hi-Jinx is now known to have been assigned to the 708th Squadron before its departure for England.

Hi-Jinx was flown to England in late November by the Gilleran crew, who named the aircraft.  On board were: 

2nd Lt. Thomas W. Gilleran, P
2nd Lt. Henry E. Mamlock, CP
2nd Lt. Richard L. Lazarus, N
2nd Lt. Marion O. McGurer, B
S/Sgt. Charles H. McHugh, ENG
T/Sgt. Harley H. Tuck, ROG
S/Sgt. Eugene A. Kealer, BTG
S/Sgt. Fred T. Hawley, WG
Sgt. M.D. Harris, WG
Sgt. Neal R. Dill, TG

Gilleran crew with 42-31145 Hi-Jinx
Photo taken at Harvard AAB, probably early Nov. 1943


Combat Missions:

No. Date Target Pilot
3 12/31/43 COGNAC Rozmus
6 01/07/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN Kruezer
7 01/11/44 BRUNSWICK Rozmus
9 01/21/44 NOBALL NO. 107 Gilleran
10 01/24/44 FRANKFURT Gilleran
12 01/30/44 BRUNSWICK Gilleran
13 02/03/44 WILHELMSHAVEN Gilleran
14 02/04/44 FRANKFURT Harris
15 02/05/44 ROMILLY Rozmus
16 02/06/44 EVREUX-FAUVILLE Reed

On the way to a supply depot target in France on February 6, 1944, Hi-Jinx was hit by flak, killing or gravely wounding its pilot, Lt. Allen Reed, and navigator, Lt. James Campbell. 

Co-pilot Lt. Arthur L. Clark gave the order for the rest of the crew to bail out, but remained, fighting the controls to prevent the aircraft from crashing into the town of Wissous. Lt. Clark died when Hi-Jinx crashed into an empty field outside of town. Bombardier Lt. Thomas Wilkins was shot by German soldiers, either while parachuting or immediately after landing. The rest of the crewmen were captured.

P Lt. Allen S. Reed KIA
CP 2Lt. Arthur L. Clark KIA
N 2Lt. James A. Campbell KIA
B 2Lt. Thomas G. Wilkins KIA
ENG T/Sgt. William F. Davidge POW
RO T/Sgt. Edmund G. Harma POW
WG S/Sgt. James W. Alexander POW
WG S/Sgt. Benjamin A. Denny POW
BTG S/Sgt Paul G. Boles POW
TG S/Sgt. Robert T. Russ POW


Memorial to Lts. Campbell, Clark, Reed and Wilkins
in the public park "L'Espace Arthur Clark" at the crash site of 42-31145