Boeing's B-17G-5-BO was delivered to the USAAF on October 4, 1943 and assigned to the 447th Bomb Group at Harvard AAB.  It was flown across the Atlantic by Lt. Wesley Huckins.  On board for the transit flight were:

Lt. Wesley C. Huckins
Lt. George W. Freas
Lt. John R. Nink
Lt. Thomas B. Burrell
Sgt Alan L. Reid
Sgt Richard H. Krecker
S/Sgt Kenneth P. Downie
Sgt Earl W. Merritt
Sgt Daniel F. Carroll
Sgt Robert L. Davis


Combat Missions:

1 12/24/43 NOBALL NO. 50 DROINVILLE McGuire
2 12/31/43 KIEL Huchins
3 01/24/44 FRANKFURT Huckins
4 01/30/44 WILHELMSHAVEN Huckins


From official Accident Report (01/30/44)

B-17G aircraft, number 42-31223, piloted by 1st Lt Wesley C. Huckins made an emergency forced landing at this station, AAF-595, 30 January 1944 at 1639 hours.  The aircraft was diverted by flying control of AAF Station 126 and ordered to make a "belly landing."  The ship was returning from an operational mission and was unable to lower wheels either by electrical or mechanical means.  The ball turret was jettisoned over Rushford Bombing Range.  The ship landed on the grass causing minor damage to the under-side of the fuselage and major damage to all four engines and propellers.  There was no injury to personnel aboard.  The ship is reparable and work will be accomplished by the local Depot.

After being repaired, 42-31223 was returned to service, but not with the 447th Bomb Group.  She received substantial battle damage on a later mission and was designated for salvage on March 21, 1944.