Virginia Lee (I)

Built in January 1944, and assigned to the 447th at Rattlesden in February, Virginia Lee would fly twenty combat missions before being lost on May 12, during one of the most intense fighter engagements the 447th would experience.  Capt. Wayne Larson was able to bring Virginia Lee in for a crash landing near the town of Angolsheim in Germany.  All on board were captured.

Combat Missions:

23 02/25/44 REGENSBURG Zeig  
25 02/29/44 BRUNSWICK Johnson, K.A.  
26 03/03/44 BERLIN - RECALL Johnson  
27 03/04/44 BERLIN - RECALL Maj. Norris/Rowland Lead 4A Wing 
28 03/06/44 BERLIN  Davis  
30 03/09/44 BERLIN  Maj. Elder/Beaty Lead 4A Wing 
33 03/15/44 BRUNSWICK Johnson, K.A.  
40 03/27/44 MARIGNAC CHARTRES Skinner  
45 04/10/44 DIEST SCHAFFEN Stenvig  
47 04/13/44 AUGSBURG Beaty  
49 04/19/44 LIPSTADT WERL Beaty  
50 04/20/44 NOBALL Beaty  
51 04/22/44 HAMM Sizer  
53 04/26/44 BRUNSWICK Gagon  
55 04/27/44 NOBALL NO. 78 Beaty  
55 04/27/44 LE CULOT Maj. David/Goetz Lead 4A Wing 
57 04/30/44 CLERMONT A/D Beaty  
60 05/08/44 BERLIN Beaty  
61 05/09/44 LAON/ATHIES A/D Beaty Lead 4B High Group
62 05/12/44 ZWICKAU Larson  


Those on board:
Pilot Capt Wayne B. Larson POW
Copilot Maj William W. Brown POW
Navigator Lt Randolph D. L. Carlee POW
Bombardier Lt Donald W. Wilson POW
Top Turret T/Sgt Michael E. Brebenar POW
Radio Operator T/Sgt Howard P. Quain POW
Ball Turret S/Sgt Dale L. Hale POW
Left Waist S/Sgt Guido (NMI) De Salvo POW
Right Waist S/Sgt Fred E. Lehman POW
Tail Gunner 2Lt Craig T. Kellogg POW

From MACR 4767, Bits & Pieces Project, Roll of Honor

The name and the distinctive artwork would reappear on the recently arrived 42-97083, as Virginia Lee II.

Detail of original art