Chardi Crew

Materials provided by Linda Roberts, Lori Squires, Andy Wilson, Mary Leach

 - 8/43 Moses Lake, WA
08/43 - 11/43 Harvard, NE
11/43 In Transit (by air)
11/43 - 04/44 710th Squadron, Rattlesden, UK
Missions flown: 12

Chardi crew at Harvard

Lt. Philip Beall, Bombardier
Lt. Merlin Chardi, Pilot
Lt. Dewyane Pohl, Navigator
Lt. Lawrence House, Co-pilot

Sgt. Robert Jackson, TG
Sgt. Ernest Lacross, WG
Sgt. Ray Sheppard, ENG
Sgt. John Leonard, WG
Sgt. James Magruder, BTG

Not included:
Sgt. Richard Adams, ROG

Merlin Chardi photos, 
courtesy of 
Andy Wilson

The following list shows missions on which Lt. Chardi is listed as first pilot, and may not reflect all missions flown by members of the Chardi crew.


1 12/24/43 NOBALL NO. 50 DROINVILLE 42-31217  
4 01/04/44 KIEL 42-31217  
5 01/05/44 MERIGNAC 42-31217  
7 01/11/44 BRUNSWICK 42-31217  
11 01/29/44 FRANKFURT 42-31217  
12 01/30/44 BRUNSWICK 42-31217  
13 02/03/44 WILHELMSHAVEN 42-31431  
16 02/06/44 EVREUX-FAUVILLE 42-31191   
19 02/13/44 NOBALL NO.S 110, 78  42-31431  
20 02/20/44 TUTOW 42-31431  
22 02/24/44 ROSTOCK 42-31217  
23 02/25/44 REGENSBURG
42-31431 Capt. Palfrey flying as command pilot of low formation (TG Jackson not on board); struck by flak in target area; Entire crew captured, some with minor injuries.

In his book One Lucky Bastard, Stub Warfle identifies another copy of this 
photo as showing 42-31431 with Capt. Palfrey and the Chardi crew going down with an engine  on fire; February 25, 1944. (p. 117)  
Photo from the collection of Mr. Rob Kirkwood

With further enhancement and analysis, this photo is now known to show the H2S Radar Pathfinder 42-5909, on loan from the 482nd Bomb Group, and going down on February 2, 1944, flown by Major Sheppard of the 447th Bomb Group.

The Crew on February 25
Pilot Lt Merlin L. Chardi POW
Copilot Capt Campbell Palfrey Jr POW
Navigator Lt Dewayne W. Pohl POW
Bombardier Lt Frank L. Stumpf POW
Top Turret T/Sgt Ray E. Sheppard POW
Radio Operator  T/Sgt Richard M. Adams POW
Ball Turret S/Sgt James E. Magruder  POW
Left Waist S/Sgt John W. Leonard POW
Right Waist S/Sgt Ernest W. Lacross POW
Tail Gunner Lt Lawrence M. House POW