december 1943

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  No. 1     12/24/43     NOBALL NO. 50 DROINVILLE

Twenty-one airplanes of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) took
off between 1130 and 1150 hours of 24 December 1943. Of the 21 A/C,
18 were briefed to go over the target. Three were briefed to turn back
at midchannel, unless vacancies in the formation occured before reach-
ing midchannel, in which event the spared were briefed to fill in
vacated positions.

  No.2     12/30/43     LUDWIGSHAFEN

Twenty airplanes of the 447th Bomb Group (H) took off
between the hours of 0815 and 1730, 30 December 1943.  Because there
were available only enough fuses for loading 23 airplanes, and
because (3) loaded airplanes developed mechanical troubles, it was
impossible to get the 21st airplane into the air.

  No.3     12/31/43     COGNAC

Twenty-one airplanes of the 447th Bomb Group took off
between the hours of 0750 and 0800, 31 December 1943.  Of the 21 A/C
one (1) A/C was forced to leave the formation over England because of
oxygen failure.  This A/C returned to base too late to allow the
dispatching of a spare to complete the formation.