ground crew Gallery

Photos provided by Mr. Steven Borcherding and Mr. Allen McBroom, 
and the 447th Bomb Group Association

842nd Engineering Sqdn

Sgt. John Ford
Crew Chief for Jersey Bounce II

Ground crew for
Jersey Bounce II

James E. Lee, E. Wrobul, Guy DW Bird, Charles J. Gragg

Rex Katz, Frank Mazzio, Albert Hahn, Charles Wood, Harold Moran 
and others of the 708th

Lewis Castner, Howard B. Reid Jr., Bill Farhis and ?

Chester G Pearson, Herbert W. Orwig, ?

Carl R. Sirianni, Jay Arnold, ?

CPL Edward Hogg; Sgt Russel H Jarsky Jr., Theron Gullion-Sheldon, ?

We're told this Thumper was constructed on the base 
around a "Putt-Putt," a small gasoline-powered generator.