hickey Crew

Photos and information provided by Stevin Oudshoorn

 - 8/43 Moses Lake, WA
08/43 - 11/43 Harvard, NE
11/43 In Transit (by air)
11/43 - 04/44 710th Squadron, Rattlesden, UK
Missions flown: 3

9 of the 10-man Hickey crew, photographed on October 6, 1943 in 
Harvard, Nebraska before deployment to England. The crew consisted of:
2Lt Claude L. Hickey, Pilot 
2Lt Justin W. Kegley, Co-pilot 
2Lt Jerome G. Moskowitz, Navigator
2Lt Vernon D. Devitt, Bombardier
T/Sgt Joseph Rokow, Engineer
Sgt Wade E. Hampton, ROG
S/Sgt John J. Roth, BTG
Sgt Irving Gitlitz, Waist Gunner
Sgt Robert E. Schooling, Waist Gunner
Sgt Johnnie Deerr Jr, Tail Gunner