leach Crew

Photos and details provided by Mr. James O. Burke IV

Back Row:

Cliford Leach, Pilot

Robert I. Harwood, Co-Pilot

Charles W. Hancock, Navigator

William Rogers, Bombadier

Front Row:

Wayne Jones, Top Turret Gunner

James O. Burke Jr., Right Waist Gunner (J.O.Burke Jr's 1st son, Clifford Rogers Burke named after Clifford Leach (pilot) and William Rogers (bombadier)

Harry Young, Left Waist Gunner

J. Wisenbloom, Radio Operator

Fred G. Thompson, Tail Gunner

Irvin E. Swain, Ball Turret Gunner


Clifford Leach went back to England in 8/44 and was killed.

Robert Harwood returned to England as a pilot and was shot down and killed.

William Rogers returned to England and was killed.

Irvin Swain now lives in Buffalo N.Y. and is a retired police chief.

Wayne Jones now lives in Picket S.C. with his wife Essie and they have 2 boys and a girl.

James O. Burke Jr. named his first son Clifford Rogers Burke after Clifford Leach (pilot) and William Rogers (bombadier)


James O. Burke Jr.



Tuxedo Tommie named after tail gunner Fred Thompson