Martenson Crew

Photos and information provided by Paul Martenson

6/22/44 710th Sqdn, Rattlesden
(S.O. 150, B0558-0701)
Missions flown:  
Assigned Aircraft: 42-107029 Tailwind


The Martenson crew 

Standing, order unknown
Lt. John A. Martenson, P
F/O Henry O. Sellers, Jr., CP
Lt. Colling W. Fritz, Jr, N
F/O Guy E. Cole, B 

Kneeling, order unknown
S/Sgt Andrew L. Reinacker, ROG
S/Sgt Lester A. Sanders, ENG
S/Sgt Herman A. Hethcox, WG
Sgt. Clarence J. Jost, WG
Sgt James K. True Jr, BTG
Sgt Chester P. Jurczyszyn, TG

From MACR No. 8923 for A/C 43-37541 Down and Go
Pilot Lt John A. Martenson Jr POW
Copilot FO Henry O. Sellers Jr POW
Navigator 2Lt Collin W. Fritz Jr POW
Bombardier 2Lt Louis J. Beckmann POW
Top Turret S/Sgt Lester E. Sanders POW
Radio Operator S/Sgt Andrew L. Reinaker POW
Ball Turret Sgt James K. True Jr POW
Right Waist S/Sgt Herman A. Hethcox POW
Tail Gunner Sgt Chester P. Jurczyszyn POW