Mcdermott Crew

Photos and details courtesy of Mr. Mark McDermott

3/44 - 5/44 RTU, Adrmore AAB
5/44 Transit Station, Kearney AAB
6/44 In Transit (by air)
7/44 - 11/44 710th Squadron, Rattlesden, UK
Missions flown: 35
Assigned Aircraft: 43-37544 D-Day Doll

Standing L-R: 
Lt Walter Yourish
Lt Charles Mehaffey
Lt Donald McDermott
Lt William Little
Kneeling, L-R: 
Sgt Paul Josephson
Sgt Michael Harris
Sgt Robert Lamb
Sgt Chester Anderson
Sgt Harold Senn

Officers on leave in Scotland, October 1944

Mr. Don McDermott and his son Mark provided this copy of his combat diary: