Perkins Crew

Information provided by Gary Perkins, son of Lt. Perkins

Perkins Crew

Lt. Clarence A. Perkins
Lt. Glenn J. Halvorsen
Lt. Ernest M. Norman
Lt. Thomas P. Foley
S/Sgt Harold B. Overton
S/Sgt Cliffor L. Myers
Sgt Irwin G. Marcuse
Sgt Ralph D. Warren
Sgt William J. Moore
Sgt Donald E. Collier

 Lt. Clarence A. Perkins


      "Lt. Perkins learned to fly as a teenager in the late 1930’s before he enlisted. He learned to fly old biplanes at a flying school operating out of the Rancho Oro Verde Fly-Inn Dude Ranch in California’s Mojave desert that was owned and operated by the colorful and now legendary pioneer aviatrix Florence “Pancho” Barnes. The featured attraction at the dude ranch was “The Happy Bottom Riding Club”, a storied “watering hole” and restaurant owned by Pancho that catered to airmen at the nearby airfield (later to become Edwards AFB) and her many Hollywood friends. Lt. Perkins had many stories to tell about Pancho and his exploits at “Happy Bottom” and Pancho’s story is well worth reading."



The following file contains several articles about Lt. Perkins, and the missions he flew with the 447th BG.

Dads Story