reece Crew

Photos provided by Mr. William Shrum

3/44 - 5/44 RTU - Ardmore AAB
5/44 In transit by air
6/20/1944  710th Squadron, Rattlesden
Assigned A/C: 42-107003 Bouncin' Baby
D-Day Doll 


The Reece crew at Rattlesden

Standing, left to right:
Leo T Peterson 
W G Reece
W M Shrum
Martin Juback
Lyle W Stewart
William D Eakins

Kneeling, L-R: 
Richard E Weaver
Raymond H Noble
John Kimple
Wayne Witbecker

Aircraft is 42-107003
Bouncin' Baby

Sgt Richard Weaver inspects damage to D-Day Doll 
after a wheels-up landing (date undetermined)

John Kimple, Martin Juback and William Eakins