Reed Crew

to 11/43:  Harvard AAB, Nebraska
11/43 In transit by air (42-31167)
11/43 708th Sqdn, Rattlesden
(Original crew)
Missions flown:  7

The Reed crew at Harvard

Standing, L_R:
Lt. William Hitchcock (former CP, 
made pilot and given own crew)
Lt. Arthur Clark, CP
Lt. Allen S. Reed, P
Lt. James. A. Campbell, N
Lt. Thomas. G. William, B
Kneeling, L-R:
S/Sgt George. N. Schneider, BTG
S/Sgt Robert. T. Russ, TG
T/Sgt Edward. G. Harma, ROG
S/Sgt William. T. Davidge, ENG
S/Sgt Benjamin. A. Denny, WG
S/Sgt James. W. Alexander, WG 

No Date Target Aircraft
1 1/11/1944 BRUNSWICK 42-31095 The Ground Pounder
2 1/21/1944 NOBALL NO. 107 42-31146
3 1/24/1944 FRANKFURT 42-31167
4 1/29/1944 FRANKFURT 42-31167
5 2/3/1944 WILHELMSHAVEN 42-31167
6 2/4/1944 FRANKFURT 42-31167
7 2/6/1944 EVREUX-FAUVILLE 42-31145 Hi-Jinx


On the way to a supply depot target in France on February 6, 1944, Hi-Jinx was hit by flak, killing or gravely wounding its pilot, Lt. Allen Reed, and navigator, Lt. James Campbell. 

Co-pilot Lt. Arthur L. Clark gave the order for the rest of the crew to bail out, but remained, fighting the controls to prevent the aircraft from crashing into the town of Wissous. Lt. Clark died when Hi-Jinx crashed into an empty field outside of town. Bombardier Lt. Thomas Wilkins was shot by German soldiers, either while parachuting or immediately after landing. The rest of the crewmen were captured.

The field in which Hi-Jinx crashed has been made into a public park, L'Espace d'Arthur Clark, featuring a memorial to the crew.  Every year,, the townspeople of Wissous welcome veterans from the 447th for a rededication ceremony.

D. Warren photos, February 2003


From MACR No. 3546 for A/C 42-31145

P Lt. Allen S. Reed KIA
CP 2Lt. Arthur L. Clark KIA
N 2Lt. James A. Campbell KIA
B 2Lt. Thomas G. Wilkins KIA
ENG T/Sgt. William F. Davidge POW
RO T/Sgt. Edmund G. Harma POW
WG S/Sgt. James W. Alexander POW
WG S/Sgt. Benjamin A. Denny POW
BTG S/Sgt. Paul G. Boles POW
TG S/Sgt. Robert T. Russ POW