schrero Crew

to 11/43  Harvard AAB, Nebraska  
11/43 In transit by ship
11/43 711th Sqdn, Rattlesden
Missions flown: 1 - Lost in action over occupied France
(First loss of the 447th

The Schrero crew at Harvard 
in October 1943 before 
embarkation to England

No. Date Target Aircraft
1 12/30/1943  Ludwigshaven 42-31173 Maid to Please
As listed in MACR 1770, A/C 42-31173 Maid to Please
Pilot 2Lt Julian Y. Schrero KIA
Copilot 2Lt Mehle L. Kent POW
Navigator 2Lt Joseph J. Lamansky KIA
Bombardier 2Lt Lowell A. Doan KIA
Top Turret T/Sgt Howard B. May POW
Radio Operator T/Sgt Dee L. Troxell KIA
Ball Turret S/Sgt John Bitzer POW
Left Waist S/Sgt Herman F. Holland POW
Right Waist S/Sgt Homer L. Miller POW
Tail Gunner S/Sgt Walter E. Dickerman EVD

Crash site of 42-31173 Maid to Please
at Henonville, approximately 30 miles northwest of Paris 
(Archive Photo)