8th Air Force Historical Society Reunion Sept 25-29 in New Orleans

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More and more Pilot/Aircraft listings are being added to the Mission pages every day…


More model builds are being added to the Kits of the Square K page…



New pages: Three new pages (revived from the earlier websites) have been added under the Events tab. These are for the 2003 Reunion at Rattlesden / 2004 WWII Memorial Dedication in Wash. DC / 2004 Reunion in Kansas City



Aircraft of the 447th BG
Listing of Planes associated in some way with operations at Rattlesden. 

 The Harvard Planes
The original 62 planes that left Harvard and headed to Rattlesden

 The Kingman Planes
The planes that escaped the war, but not the chopper in Kingman

 The Pin Ups
A sampling of 447th BG planes showing off some beautiful lines

 The Color Collection
Rare color photographs of 447th BG planes

Mystery/Unmatched Airplanes : We’re trying to connect these images with the proper aircraft number


Pilots and Crews of the 447th BG
Crew pages are based on the list of First Pilots that logged missions with the 447th BG. 

 Ground Crews
The personnel who worked tirelessly to keep ’em flying!

 The Group Pilots
The top brass who took the command seat on missions


 258 Missions flown by the 447th  In Progress: Information about missions will be added with links to the participating planes and crews


 Past Reunions, and other events for the 447th BG veterans



 Contact Information
E-mail addresses and contact info for the 447th BG Association

Looking to land
Photos and stories searching for their proper place on the website

 Ranks and Medals
Guide to the shiny and stripey things on the uniform

 Combat Diaries and Collections

 Lucky Bastards Club certificates
For those that sallied forth 25, 30, 35 or more times…

 Model tributes
Kits of the Square K

 Model builders Guide
David Wayrynen’s guide to markings and more

 Around the Base: A look at Rattlesden past and present
Page not available yet