2003: 447th BG Reunion at Rattlesden

Reunion at the Rattlesden Airfield

Just a few photos highlight the July 2003 reunion in the UK.


Russell Chase and Carmen Schiavoni recall old landmarks


Several veterans inspect a deuce-and-a-half, one of many finely restored historic vehicles on display at Rattlesden


L-R: Fulton, Fitzgerald, Chase, Schiavoni, Osbahr, Dingivan, Nicosia and Bussel


John Osbahr readies for one more takeoff from the old base in a motor-glider. Glider rides were graciously provided by the Rattlesden Gliding Club, current occupants of the field, and many attendees took advantage of the opportunity.


Attending the rededication of the 447th’s Memorial

Back Row:
Dick Bell
Ken Mcquade
Laverne Varenhorst
Tom Fitzgerald
Waide Fulton
John Nicosia
Russell Chase
Bill Shrum
Front Row:
Jim Hysong
Ed Dingivan
Carmen Schiavoni
Norm Bussel
Morton Gold
John Osbahr
Don Sherman


708th SQ

709th SQ

710th SQ

711th SQ


Former POWs Bussel, Gold and Fulton with the USAF Color Guard


American Air Museum, Duxford

Ball turret gunners Osbahr and Sherman share the legacy with a new generation, Waide Fulton‘s grandson Michael.


Don Sherman and his former “office”


Russ Chase and granddaughter Meghan with Sally B (bearing noseart from the film Memphis Belle)


American Cemetery, Maddingly

Three generations of the 447th visit the American Cemetery, Maddingly, near Cambridge


Norman Bussel and Waide Fulton lay a wreath for fallen comrades at Maddingly








Some photos/information provided by:
Melanie Bussel