Altman, H. S.

The Herbert S. Altman crew: 710th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated


Standing L-R: 
Lt Jay W. Ames 
Sgt Charles H. Aldridge
Lt Herbert S. Altman
Lt Frank T. Hocking
Sgt Marvin H. Handley
Lt L W. McFarland
Kneeling L-R: 
Sgt Malcom C. Campman
Sgt Rex L. Jones
Sgt John J. Dow
Sgt William M. Simington


William M. Simington

Jay W. Ames 




Combat Missions

Mission no. Date Target
72 28 May, 1944 Konigsburg, Oil depot, Germany
74 30 May, 1944 St. Pol-Siracourt, Gun emplacements, France
75 31 May, 1944 Hamm, Marshalling Yards, Germany
79 4 June, 1944 Wissant, three 150mm Coastal guns, France
82 or 83? 6 June, 1944 D-Day, Targets north of Caen, France
84 6 June, 1944 D-Day, Argentan, France
85 7 June, 1944 Nantes, France
87 11 June, 1944 Le Touquet, Airfield, France
88 12 June, 1944 Conches, Railroad targets, France
91 18 June, 1944 Misburg, Oil refinery, Germany
94 21 June, 1944 Berlin, Germany – Ames wounded by flak
106 11 July 1944 Munich – Landed in Dubendorf, Switzerland


On 11 July 1944, as they took off on a mission to Munich in aircraft 42-102651, Piccadilly Ann II, the crew included bombardier replacement James Walker Davidson from Ohio and tail gunner Fritz Jost from South Dakota. During the mission, they were hit by flak and subsequently landed at Dubendorf, Switzerland. Landing time was 1223 hours. The 10 member crew and aircraft were interned. The following picture is of the Piccadilly Ann II on the ground at Dubendorf.


F/O McFarland and navigator, 2nd Lt. Frank T. Hockings escaped back to England.


Jay W. Ames was the bombardier of the Altman crew in the 710th BS. The first 11 mission on his Operational Missions card were flown with the Altman crew. Jay was wounded on 21 June 44 (his 11th mission) did not fly with Altman after that date. WWII Service of Jay Walter Ames


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