Blom, C. J.

The Carl J. Blom crew: 708th Squadron




Missing in Action: The Blom crew was aboard 42-37868 DUE BACK when it was lost during the mission to Fredrichshafen 29/4/44 (April 29 mission was to Berlin)

Carl Blom Pilot POW
Wallace Lane Co-pilot POW
Dudley Davis Navigator POW
Dare Ziemer Bombardier POW
Windsor Graham Flight engineer/top turret gunner POW
Dick Ferrighetto Waist gunner POW
Arthur Watt Radio Operator KIA
Lloyd Arthur Ball turret gunner KIA
Ike Guyton Waist gunner KIA
Bob Tobin Tail gunner KIA

Missing Air Crew Report 4251 enemy aircraft, crashed Grasleben, six miles N of Helmstedt, Ger.