Champlin, H. D.

The Homer D. Champlin crew: 710th Squadron


The Champlin crew members aboard 42-97176 during the April 29, 1944 mission to Berlin.

Lt. H Champlin Pilot
Lt. A Kamajien Co-Pilot
Lt. W Weed Navigator
Lt. J Brooks Bombardier
Sgt P Soifer Top Turret Gunner
S/Sgt R Skinner Radio Operator
Sgt G Schatzau Ball Turret Gunner
Sgt R Ahlbach Waist Gunner L
Sgt R Lewis Waist Gunner R
Sgt W Humphrey Tail Gunner



William Humphrey; Tail Gunner





Some photos/information provided by:
Thulai Van Maanen

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database