Chandler, H. D.

The Henry D. Chandler crew: 711th Squadron

Crew in front of 42-97836 Bugs Bunny Jr.

Front L-R  
Costas A. Ivos Radio Operator
Allan B. Swem Waist Gunner
Robert M. Stephens Top Turret Gunner
Robert C. Reinartson Ball Turret Gunner
Rouse ? (Probably JR Piccardo Tail Gunner)
Back L-R:  
Henry D. Chandler Pilot
Velmer M. Diefe Co-Pilot
David Skalka Navigator
Sidney A. Murachvier Bombardier



The Chandler crew was aboard 44-6016 during the March 15, 1945 mission to Oranienburg.

Lt Henry Chandler Pilot POW
Lt Velmer Diefe Co-Pilot KIA
Lt David Skalka Navigator POW
Lt Sidney Murachver Bombardier POW
Sgt Robert Stephens Top Turret Gunner KIA
Sgt Costos Ivos Radio Operator KIA
Sgt Robert Reinartson Ball Turret Gunner KIA
Sgt Allan Swem Waist Gunner KIA
Sgt John Piccardo Tail Gunner KIA


Velmer Diefe and Henry Chandler




Henry Chandler; Pilot POW

Velmer Diefe; Co-Pilot KIA

David Skalka; Navigator POW

Robert Stephens; Top Turret Gunner KIA

Allan B. Swem waist gunner KIA


Sidney Murachver Bombardier POW

Robert Reinartson; Ball Turret Gunner KIA

Costos Ivos; Radio Operator KIA


Sgt Robert Reinartson




Some photos/information provided by:
Robert Goeckel

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