Clawson, O. R.

The Oliver R. Clawson crew: 711th Squadron

Rattlesden, March 1945

Back row L-R:  
Lt.  Jack Folson Navigator
Lt. Russ Clawson Pilot
Lt. Ted Bauer Bombardier
Front L-R:  
Frank Hogan Engineer / Top Turret Gunner
Dick Jones Ball Turret Gunner
Eddie Gorse Tail Gunner
Mike Wynn Radio Operator
Vic Baum Waist Gunner
Not pictured: A. Wayne Bowers — Co-Pilot


(As assigned Sep 23, 1944)

Lt Oliver R. Clawson
Lt Allen W. Bowers
F/O Edgar F. Folson
F/O Theodore C. Bauer
Cpl Edward A. Gorso
Cpl Edward C. Gray
Cpl Frank H. Hogan
Cpl Richard T Jones
Cpl Victor D. Baum
Cpl Michael J. Wynne



Bombardier Theodore Bauer and eventual wife Ruth.





Theodore “Ted” C. Bauer with great-grandson “Teddy” Bauer taken about 2014 at Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport during a special visit by the Collings Foundation’s B-17 Nine-O-Nine.






Some photos/information provided by:

  • Brad Bauer / Family of Ted Bauer