Cohen, E.

The Emil Cohen crew: 709th Squadron

Cohen crew with tail gunner William J “Jack” DeLange, second from left, back row. 



Rattlesden, undated

(Identifications pending) It is possible this photo was taken on 9/9/44, and that the crew that day is as follows: Capt, Boisson, Lt. Cohen, Lt. Hollmann, Lt. Loman, Kreklow, Fry, McNeilly, Thornton, and Delange.


Emil Cohen: Informed that he was possibly the youngest pilot in the 8th Air Force, confirmed that he was the youngest Jewish pilot


Edward T Boisson

George Szewczyk

William J DeLange



William DeLange‘s Lucky Bastard’s Club certificate

Crew signatures on back of LBC




Some photos/information provided by:
Mindy DeLange Boggs, daughter of Tail Gunner William J “Jack” DeLange

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database