Coleman, R.

The Richard Coleman crew: 709th Squadron

Drew Field, FL, Fall, 1944 

Standing, L-R:  
George Avena Ball Turret Gunner
John David Hardie Waist/Tail Gunner
John Curry Radio Operator/Gunner
William Tanton Tail Gunner
Grady Hise Flight Engineer/ Top Turret Gunner
Morris Nieman Togglier
Kneeling, L-R:  
Lt Richard Coleman Pilot
Lt Peter Ebersol Co-Pilot
Lt John Burk Navigator



12/44 RTU, Drew Field, FL
12/16/44 In Transit by air
12/44 – 4/45  709th Squadron, Rattlesden, UK Special Order No 304, 12/22/44




George Avena Ball Turret Gunner


William Tanton, Morris Nieman (under tail) and John Curry


William Tanton Tail Gunner


John David Hardie; Waist/Tail Gunner




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Some photos/information provided by:

  • Keith Hardie

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database