Gardner, R. C.

The Richard C. Gardner crew: 711th Squadron


Based on the tail code of the B-17 in background, this looks to be at a training base in the US rather than at Rattlesden.

Front L-R:  
Richard C Gardner Pilot
Robert F Meyer Co-Pilot
William C Schmidtke Jr Navigator
James McWilliams.  
Back L-R:  
George A Carr  
Charles J Morelli Radio Operator
Lloyd Olson Ball Turret Gunner
Donald M Lemonnier Ball Turret Gunner; Tail Gunner
William S Clark Waist Gunner
Robert F Lambert Engineer


Richard C Gardner; Pilot


44-83279 Gardner’s Pardners


From image (only including as reference because of spelling differences)

Richard Gardner, Pilot / Myers, Co-Pilot / Schmidt, Navigator / Lambert, Engineer / Morille, Radio Operator / Lloyd Olson, Ball Turret / Clark, Tail Gunner /  ?, Waist Gunner



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