Hanks, D. J.

The Dale J. Hanks crew: 708th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated

Back row L-R:
Lt. Dale J. Hanks
Lt. Allen J. Miller
Lt. James L. Liakos
Sgt. Vincent D. Bartilucci
Front row L-R:
Sgt. John M. Comeau
Sgt. Jerome R. Farey
Sgt. Inocencio A. Vargas
Sgt. Grady L. Hawk
Cpl. Richard F. Carne


(As assigned Apr 18, 1944)

Lt Dale J. Hanks
Lt Lyndon F. Lakeman
Lt Allen J. Miller
Lt James L. Liakos
Sgt Vincent D. Bartilucci
Sgt John M. Comeay
Sgt Jerome R. Farey
Sgt Inocencio A. Vargas
Sgt Grady L. Hawk
Cpl Richard F. Carne



Identified as Hanks crew by filename among files associated to Lakeman crew.






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