Harms, C. J.

The Cecil J. Harms crew: 708th Squadron


Unknown US Location, undated

Assigned SO297, 14 Dec 1944

Standing L-R:
Cpl Paul F. Holmes (unassigned bombardier)
Lt Cecil J. Harms
Lt Donald Luethey
Lt David Davis
Kneeling L-R:
Cpl Donald E. Strayer
Cpl William E. Goss
Cpl Edward J. Corker
Cpl Thadius Stevens (replaced at assignment by Cpl Ted Lane)
Cpl Edward Wolkoff



Cecil J Harms



Co-Pilot Donald Luethey and Pilot Cecil J. Harms


Cecil J. Harms; Pilot




Some photos/information provided by:
John Cutler, grandson of Cecil “Sandy” Harms