Hopla, C. S.

The Charles S. Hopla crew: 708th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated

Standing, L-R:
Sgt. Russell D. Chase
Sgt. Thomas D. Price
Sgt. Willis S. Fant
Sgt. Robert W. Shumate
Sgt. Wayne Fargurburg
Sgt. William H Sutfin (Sutphin?)
Kneeling, L-R:
Lt. Fred W. Kleps Jr.
Lt. Charles S. Hopla
Lt. Charles E. Goff
Lt. Thomas A. Fitzgerald


Lt. Thomas Fitzgerald

Fred W. Kleps Jr.




Some photos/information provided by:
Joe Ferris / Family of Fred Kleps Jr.

One Lucky Bastard; by Elwyn J. (Stub) Warfle