Hoyer, W. C.

The William C. Hoyer crew: 709th Squadron

Unknown US location, undated

(As assigned June 15, 1944)

Lt William G. Hoyer 
Lt Joseph J. Syoen 
Lt John F. Riddell 
Lt Charles W. Pearson 
S/Sgt Bernard A. Duwel 
S/Sgt Walter J. Degutis 
S/Sgt Thomas E. Burke 
Sgt Edwin R. Thornton 
Sgt Floyd L. Broman 
Sgt Thomas C. Holland



6/15/44: 709th Sqdn, Rattlesden (S.O. 144, B0558-0688)
Missions flown: 2 


Combat Missions

No. Date Target Aircraft
1 06/28/44 DENIAN-PROUVY 44-6027
2 06/29/44 BOHLEN 44-6027

Shortly after bombs-away, the aircraft received a direct flak hit and exploded. Two members of the crew survived and were captured.

From MACR No. 6730 for A/C 44-6027

2Lt William G. Hoyer Pilot KIA
2Lt Joseph J. Soyen Copilot KIA
2Lt John F. Riddell Navigator KIA
2Lt Charles W. Pearson Bombardier POW
S/Sgt Bernard A. Duwel Top Turret KIA
S/Sgt Walter J. Degutis Radio Operator KIA
S/Sgt Thomas E. Burke Ball Turret KIA
Sgt Edwin R. Thornton Left Waist KIA
Sgt Floyd L. Broman Right Waist KIA
Sgt Thomas C. Holland Tail Gunner POW


S/Sgt Walter J Degutis; Radio Operator KIA


Newspaper clipping detailing the repatriation and reburial of the remains of S/Sgt Walter Degutis at St Casmir’s cemetery, New York





Some photos/information provided by:

  • Mr. Thomas Holland

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database