Lakeman, L. F.

The Lyndon F. Lakeman crew: 708th Squadron

Lakeman is top row, 2nd from right


Flights with Lyndon F. Lakeman listed as Pilot

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Plane Number Notes
#103 (06-Jul-44) Pas de Calais / Sourtrecourt, France 42-31154  
#105 (08-Jul-44) St.Andre De L’eure / Nogent, France 42-102632  
#108 (13-Jul-44) Munich, Germany 42-97400  
#109 (14-Jul-44) Area 10, France 42-102658  
#110 (16-Jul-44) Stuttgart, Germany 42-102632  
#112 (19-Jul-44) Ebelsbach, Germany 43-37830  
#113 (20-Jul-44) Merseburg, Germany 42-31095 AB Spare
#115 (24-Jul-44) St. Lo, France 42-31185  
#116 (25-Jul-44) St. Lo, France 42-102658  
#118 (01-Aug-44) Areas 10 & 14, France 43-37756  
#119 (02-Aug-44) St. Dennis, France 43-37774  
#120 (04-Aug-44) Arras – Ostend, Belgium 43-37774  
#122 (07-Aug-44) Anizy le Chateau, France 43-37938  
#130 (18-Aug-44) St. Dizier, France 43-37774  
#133 (26-Aug-44) Brest, France 42-102632  
#136 (01-Sep-44) Mainz, Germany 43-37938  



Lyndon Lakeman
R.C. Smith
James McNulty
Dick Peterson
Frank Steinman


Believed to possibly be the first crew assembled under Lt. Lakeman when he went from Co-Pilot to Pilot.

Lyndon Francis Lakeman: Assigned to 447BG, 8AF USAAF. Dale Hanks crew. 35 x missions on B-17’s. ETD. Assigned to 654BS, 25BG, 8AF USAAF. Flying de Havilland Mosquito’s.



Some photos/information provided by:

  • Dana Lakeman, son of Lt. Lakeman

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database