Martenson, J. A.

The John A. Martenson, Jr. crew: 710th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated

(As assigned June 22, 1944)

Standing (order unknown)
Lt. John A. Martenson Pilot
F/O Henry O. Sellers Jr. Co-Pilot
Lt. Colling W. Fritz Jr Navigator
F/O Guy E. Cole Bombardier
Kneeling (order unknown)
S/Sgt Andrew L. Reinacker Radio Operator
S/Sgt Lester A. Sanders Engineer
S/Sgt Herman A. Hethcox Waist Gunner
Sgt. Clarence J. Jost Waist Gunner
Sgt James K. True Jr Ball Turret Gunner
Sgt Chester P. Jurczyszyn Tail Gunner



6/22/44 710th Sqdn, Rattlesden (S.O. 150, B0558-0701)
Missions flown:


Flights with John A. Martenson, Jr. listed as Pilot

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Plane Number Notes
#109 (14-Jul-44) Area 10, France 42-31582  
#110 (16-Jul-44) Stuttgart, Germany 42-107229  
#113 (20-Jul-44) Merseburg, Germany 43-37544  
#117 (27-Jul-44) Ostend, Belgium 42-107025  
#118 (01-Aug-44) Areas 10 & 14, France 42-107029  
#122 (07-Aug-44) Anizy le Chateau, France 42-107029  
#123 (08-Aug-44) Bretteville sur Laise, France 42-107029  
#124 (09-Aug-44) Aachen, Germany 42-107029  
#125 (11-Aug-44) Belfort, France 42-107029  
#126 (13-Aug-44) Seine river area, France 42-107029  
#127 (14-Aug-44) Mannheim, Germany 42-107029  
#128 (15-Aug-44) Handorf, Germany 42-107029  
#131 (24-Aug-44) Brux, Czechoslovakia 42-107029  
#132 (25-Aug-44) Rechlin, Germany 42-31225 slated #029, Bombed secondary
#134 (27-Aug-44) Berlin, Germany 42-102668  
#136 (01-Sep-44) Mainz, Germany 42-107029  
#137 (03-Sep-44) Brest, France 42-107029  
#138 (05-Sep-44) Brest, France 42-107029  
#139 (08-Sep-44) Mainz, Germany 42-107029  
#140 (09-Sep-44) Besancon, France 42-107029  
#141 (10-Sep-44) Giebelstadt, Germany 42-107029  
#142 (11-Sep-44) Fulda, Germany 43-37541 MISSING before target



From MACR No. 8923 for A/C 43-37541 Down and Go

Lt John A. Martenson Jr Pilot POW
FO Henry O. Sellers Jr Copilot POW
2Lt Collin W. Fritz Jr Navigator POW
2Lt Louis J. Beckmann Bombardier POW
S/Sgt Lester E. Sanders Top Turret POW
S/Sgt Andrew L. Reinaker Radio Operator POW
Sgt James K. True Jr Ball Turret POW
S/Sgt Herman A. Hethcox Right Waist POW
Sgt Chester P. Jurczyszyn Tail Gunner POW


Some photos/information provided by:

  • Paul Martenson