Mitchell, C. R.

The Charles R. Mitchell crew: 709th Squadron


42-37864 Missing in Action on the 20 May 1944 mission to Brussels.

Charles R. Mitchell Pilot  
Edward H. Frost Co-pilot  
Andrew A. Marcin Flight engineer/Top Turret gunner  
 Eugene P. Szulczewski Ball Turret gunner  
Robert E. Sasse Left Waist gunner  
Richard J. Kindig Right Waist gunner  
Raymond F. McCarthy Tail gunner  
Joseph G. Keenan Navigator POW
Leo D. McLaughlin Bombardier POW
Paul D. Dickerson Radio Operator POW

Missing Air Crew Report – MACR 4938

Actually hit by friendly fire from another 447BG B-17, crashed Neerbeek-Beek, about 15km NE of Maastricht

Wreckage of 42-37864 after crashing at Neerbeek, Holland, on the 20th May 1944.


Some of the crew evaded with the help of Belgian citizens and members of the Resistance. See the full story of their evasion at these links to the Mitchell story and the Kindig story (translate pages from French)


Andrew A. Marcin (Flight engineer/Top Turret gunner) with the Hanquet family who sheltered him in Lanaye, Belgium, after he swam across the Maas River from The Netherlands into Belgium. Left to right: Henri Hanquet, Andrew Marcin, Anna Hanquet, Joseph Hanquet (father) and the couple’s other son, also named Joseph in front.

Andrew Martin at an air show in 2008.





Some photos/information provided by:
Photo from the Hanquet family, which Daniel Marcin discovered only in July 2011 after Ed Reniere obtained them via René Hanquet, son of Henri.

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database