Moriarty, T. F.

The Thomas F. Moriarty crew: 711th Squadron

Rattlesden, Feb 44

Standing L-R:
Lt Irving Danzig
Lt Ellis B. Colvin
Lt Clarence Aaberg
Lt Thomas F. Moriarty
S/Sgt Richard Pitt
Kneeling L-R:
Sgt W.F. Powell
Sgt C. Lamb
Sgt F. DuHadway
Sgt G.S. Foster
S/Sgt W.D. Ernst




After Lt. Clarence Aaberg  was killed during the the Rostock mission (2/24/1944), the crew was assigned to fly with Lt. George C. Hoffmiester. In April, Co-pilot Moriarty is made First Pilot for the crew for the remainder of their tour, with the missions below.


04/27/44 LE CULOT 42-31206
05/07/44 BERLIN 42-31206
05/09/44 LAON/ATHIES A/D 42-31206
05/11/44 MALINES 42-31206
05/20/44 LIEGE 42-31206
05/22/44 KIEL 42-31206
05/23/44 TROYES 42-31206
05/27/44 KARLSRUHE 42-31206
05/28/44 KONISBURG 42-31206
05/29/44 LEIPZIG 42-31206
06/02/44 CONCHES A/F 42-31206



Info above and crew photos repeated from the page for the Aaberg Crew


Lt. Thomas F. Moriarty; Pilot

Lt. Thomas F. Moriarty; As Co-Pilot for Aaberg crew

S/Sgt Richard Pitt, Jr.; Engineer

S/Sgt William Ernst; Radio Operator

Sgt Cleveland Lamb, Jr.; Waist Gunner

Sgt William Powell; Waist Gunner

Sgt Gilbert Foster; Tail Gunner






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