North, W. E.

The William E. North crew: 710th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated

This photo is undated, and apart from Pilot Lt. William North (front row, second from left) and Togglier/Ball Turret Gunner Leonard H. Van Over (back row, 3rd from left) the identities of the crew members remain unknown.


Lt. William E. North arrived at Rattlesden as co-pilot of the Hoffman crew, and was assigned to the 710th Bomb Squadron on July 28, 1944. From his 19th mission, he flew as co-pilot on a composite crew led by Lt. Alan Briggs. After 24 combat missions, North was promoted to the “left seat,” flying as 1st Pilot with a crew of his own.


Combat Missions

Nos. 1-18 as copilot on Hoffman crew  — Then as copilot with Briggs:
19 11/16/44 DUREN AREA 42-107117 Pandora’s Box
20 11/21/44 KOBLENZ 42-97400 Fuddy Duddy
21 11/25/44 MERSEBURG 42-107117 Pandora’s Box
Then as 1st Pilot with his own composite crew:
22 12/06/44 MERSEBURG 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
23 12/10/44 KOBLENZ 43-38712 Buddy Buddy
24 12/11/44 KOBLENZ GIESSEN 43-38622
25 12/12/44 DORMSTADT 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
26 12/15/44 HANOVER 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
27 12/18/44 MAINZ 42-102668 Cock o’ the Sky
28 12/24/44 BABENHAUSEN 44-8419
29 12/28/44 KOBLENZ 43-38622
30 01/06/44 MERIGNAC 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
31 01/15/45 AUGSBURG 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
32 01/20/45 HEILBRONN 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
33 01/21/45 MANNHEIM 42-97803
34 01/29/45 KASSEL 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners
35 02/03/45 BERLIN 43-38450 Little Herbie/Lucky Partners


Plane is Little Chum


Lt. William North


mislabeled as Navigator?

Ball Turret Gunner/Togglier Leonard H. Van Over


Waist Gunner

Waist Gunner


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Photos and details provided by Mrs Nancy North and Mr Hal Kiena