Reck, W. A.

The William A. Reck crew: 710th Squadron

Unknown US location, undated

Standing L-R
Cpl Roy B. McBurnett
Cpl Ywell S. Thomas
Cpl Warren A. Brones
Cpl Donald W. Monts
Cpl Lennie C. Adams
Cpl Teddy D. Crawley
Kneeling L-R
Lt William A. Reck
Lt John J. Long
Lt James R. Hyde
Lt Erwin A. Kunath


Flights with William A. Reck listed as Pilot

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Plane Number Notes
#185 (12-Dec-44) Darmstadt, Germany 42-107025  
#186 (15-Dec-44) Hannover, Germany 42-97400  
#187 (18-Dec-44) Mainz, Germany 43-37873  
#188 (24-Dec-44) Babenhausen, Germany 43-38712  
#189 (28-Dec-44) Koblenz, Germany 43-38712 Leaflets
#190 (30-Dec-44) Mannheim, Germany 43-38450  
#191 (31-Dec-44) Wenzendorf, Germany 43-38450  
#192 (01-Jan-45) Dollberg, Germany 44-6595  
#195 (05-Jan-45) Waxweiler, Germany 43-37544  
#196 (06-Jan-45) Worms, Germany 42-97804  
#197 (07-Jan-45) Paderborn, Germany 43-38622  
#198 (08-Jan-45) Frankfurt, Germany 43-38995  
#199 (10-Jan-45) Karlsruhe, Germany 43-38995  
#200 (13-Jan-45) Mainz, Germany 43-38995  
#202 (15-Jan-45) Augsburg, Germany 43-38995  
#204 (20-Jan-45) Heilbronn, Germany 43-38995 Landed at B-50
#206 (29-Jan-45) Kassel, Germany 43-38995  
#211 (14-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany 43-38995  
#212 (15-Feb-45) Cottbus, Germany 43-38995  
#213 (16-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany 43-38995  
#217 (23-Feb-45) Crailsheim, Germany 44-6958  
#219 (25-Feb-45) Neuberg, Germany 44-6958  
#220 (26-Feb-45) Berlin, Germany 44-6958  
#223 (02-Mar-45) Dresden, Germany 44-6958  
#224 (03-Mar-45) Brunswick, Germany 44-6958  
#228 (10-Mar-45) Dortmund, Germany 44-6958  
#229 (11-Mar-45) Hamburg, Germany 44-6958  
#230 (12-Mar-45) Marburg, Germany 44-6958  
#232 (15-Mar-45) Oranienburg, Germany 44-6958  
#237 (21-Mar-45) Wittmundhafen, Germany 44-6958 Long delay
#238 (22-Mar-45) Heibert, Germany area 44-6958  
#239 (23-Mar-45) Holzwickede, Germany 44-6958  
#240 (24-Mar-45) Varrelsbusch, Germany 44-6958  


Training at Rattlesnake Bomber Base, Pyote, TX. 

Standing L-R  
Lt William Reck Pilot
Kneeling L-R  
TD Crawley Tail Gunner
LC Adams Ball Turret


Teddy D. Crawley


Teddy D. Crawley (with the cigar) and his fellow crew members at Times Square just before they were shipped out for England in October 1944.


TD Crawley (front row, second from left) and the Reck crew at Rattlesden.




Some photos/information provided by:

  • Dennis Crawley/Family of Teddy D. Crawley