Rozmus, H. A.

The Henry A. Rozmus crew: 708th Squadron

Crew with 42-37868 Due Back

Top Row L-R
Ansel Snook Engineer
Clifford M. Glase Co-pilot
Henry A. Rozmus Pilot
Vincent McDonald Waist Gunner
Harvey Moult Waist Gunner
Howard L. Rothermel Radio Operator
Bottom L-R
Erwin C. Hardison Navigator
Luther T. Wootan Bombardier
Harold Lewis Tail Gunner
John C. Wissinger Belly Gunner


Henry A. Rozmus; Pilot


T/Sgt. Ansel Snook, 46-year-old top turret gunner. Snook was one of the oldest crew members to serve in the 447th Bomb group, and is believed to be the oldest gunner in the ETO.




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