White, L.

The Lester White crew: 710th Squadron

Capt Lester White Pilot
Lt. Frank Haag Co-Pilot
Lt. Tom Cannon Navigator (Cameron?)
Lt. Gilligen Moseley Bombardier
T/Sgt Martin Slattery Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
T/Sgt Alfred Haag Radio Operator
Sgt George Oakley Ball Turret Gunner
Cpl Ray Hodges Waist Gunner
Sgt Lorenz Kirchoff Waist Gunner (Body Never Recovered)
Sgt Gus Farmer Tail Gunner


The crew was lost aboard 42-31219 when it crashed Nov. 22, 1943, during take off from Goose Bay, Labrador, at Lake Melville en route UK. This was part of the initial transfer of Harvard Planes.


West Point photo of Lester White (Pilot)








Some photos/information provided by:
Kelly O’Neil, granddaughter of Sgt. Oakley
Daniel Bon

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database