Wing, R. A.

The Roy A. Wing, Jr. crew: 708th Squadron

Rattlesden, undated

(As assigned Sep 25, 1944)

Lt Roy A. Wing
F/O Wilbur T. Norring
Lt Warren C. Capron
Lt Earl L. Poole
Cpl Lawrence K. Bonk
Cpl Maurice E. Hagler
Cpl Norris Rosen
Cpl Leigh W. Fuller
Sgt Norbert L. Petris
Sgt Norbert Wipijewski (Winiiewski? on load list)



43-37531 QUIEN SABE — Missing in Action Merseburg 2/11/44;  flak, crashed Nordhausen, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 10163. 

Roy Wing crew aboard 43-37531 on November 2, 1944

Lt. Roy Wing Pilot POW
Lt. Wilbert Norring Co-Pilot POW
Lt. Warren Capron Navigator POW
Lt. Earle Poole Bombardier POW
C/ Larry Bonk Top Turret Gunner KIA
S/Sgt Norbert Petris Radio Operator POW
C/ Maurice Hagler Ball Turret Gunner KIA
S/Sgt Norbert Winiiewski Waist Gunner KIA
C/ Morris Rosen Tail Gunner KIA





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