Scrapbook: Bigelow Collection

The Bigelow Collection


Captain Bigelow went to England in 1943 as 709th Squadron Navigator. In September 1944, promoted to Major, Bigelow assumed the position of Group Navigator for the 447th. He remained with the group until the end of the war and flew home with Col. Wrigglesworth in July 1945.

Col. Bigelow retired from the Air Force after 30 years of service.


447th Staff at Harvard, Nebraska; October, 1943


Standing, left to right:

Harris 709th Squadron Bombardier
Rall 709th Squadron Ops Officer
Bigelow 709th Squadron Navigator

Men in front are unidentified. Aircraft is 42-97538 Dallas Dottie, lost November 21, 1944.


Captain Bigelow heading to debriefing after a mission


Left to Right:

Lt. Col. William Ready
Lt. Edward Boisson
Capt. Wallace Goetz
Capt. E.D. Bigelow


Promotion to Major


Capt. William Flaherty, who replaced Major Bigelow as 709th Squadron Navigator


Col. Hunter Harris, Jr., C.O. of the 447th ready for take-off


Several group officers





Officers Club at Rattlesden in 1945


Left to Right: Capt. Walsh; Capt. Bigelow; Lt. Whitney; Maj. David and Maj. Rall


Maj. Robert David and Maj. Royal Stewart



Although not specifically dated, the following photographs were certainly taken during 1944. The originals were given to Bigelow by Capt. Wallace Goetz.


“Hold steady” Low Group in formation


“Close flak” (Aircraft has not yet been identified)


Over the target, bomb bay doors open


“Flak Alley”


“Home again” and on final approach to Rattlesden. Aircraft in foreground is 43-38230-E Wolf Wagon of the 708th




Photographs on this page were provided by E.D. Bigelow, Col. USAF (Ret.)