Scrapbook: Delap Collection

The Delap Collection


Jack Delap completed a combat tour as bombardier with the original Kinsinger crew of the 711th Squadron from December 1943, and then returned to Rattlesden for a second tour of duty. The following photographs, kindly provided by Delap’s sons, give a special insight into life at Rattlesden, and were taken sometime after August, 1944. The photographs were recently discovered as three rolls of negatives.

Many of the personnel and locations shown in this collection remain unidentified. E-mail with any additional information you might be able to provide.

For more on Rattlesden, see Rattlesden – Then and Now, and the Bigelow Collection


Jack Delap’s bunk






Post Office – Communal Site No. 1


Officers’ Combat Mess


Officers’ Combat Mess


Inside Officer’s Mess


Officers’ Dry Cleaning



Major (or Lt. Col.?) Francis Bonham at Cambridge



Third Roll: These photos also include unidentified personnel, as well as some scenes from unknown locations off the base. The final photographs of aircraft clearly show the addition of squadron and aircraft call letters to the underside of the left-hand wing — known to have taken place throughout the Eight Air Force in mid-May, 1945.




IR-P or IR-R, as yet unidentified, possibly 43-39244. Carries the nose art script “We’ve Had It!” believed to be a post-war annotation.


IJ-Q: 710th Sqdn, 43-38622 making a landing at Rattlesden


IJ-L: 710th Sqdn, 43-39189 landing at Rattlesden


Two unidentified aircraft landing at Rattlesden






Photos provided by Chris and Chip Delap