Sketchbook: Lt. Pete Ebersole

Lt Pete Ebersole arrived at Rattlesden on December 22, 1944 as copilot of the Coleman crew (709th). His sketches below illustrate one of his combat missions.

Note that the two sketches of the cockpit of the B-17 include “Kir C Charlie” marked on the instrument panel — suggesting the flight (or flights) flown in 43-37667 “Barbara Jane,” assigned to the 709th, and known to have carried the tail letter “C” from the fall of 1944 until it crashed in the UK on a training flight in April, 1945.



No. 1 Briefing


No. 2 Loading


No. 3 Take off


No. 4 Assembly


No. 5 The Pilot


No. 6 Formation


No. 7 Bombs Away


No. 8 Landing


No. 9 Parking


No. 10 Debriefing


You can also read Ebersole’s flying log; first a day-by-day account of his time in the service, followed by comments on his hours of flying time.



Provided by Mr. Pete Ebersole and Mr. Keith Hardie