B-17G-50-BO 42-102419

709th SQ — E


Cheyenne 2/3/44; Hunter 16/3/44; Nashville 23/3/44; Dow Fd 12/4/44; Assigned 709BS/447BG [IJ-E] Rattlesden 20/4/44


Flight listings for 42-102419

This list is NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Pilot Notes
#59 (07-May-44) Berlin, Germany Gorrell, L. P. Failed to T/O
#60 (08-May-44) Berlin, Germany Van Every, H.  
#61 (09-May-44) Laon / Athies, France Van Every, H.  
#62 (11-May-44) Malines, Belgium Gorrell, L. P.  
#63 (12-May-44) Zwickau, Germany Gorrell, L. P.  
#64 (13-May-44) Osnabruck, Germany Radle, T. H.  
#65 (19-May-44) Berlin, Germany Radle, T. H. ABORT, lost formation
#67 (22-May-44) Kiel, Germany Prischmann, E. H.  
#68 (23-May-44) Troyes, France Radle, T. H.  
#69 (24-May-44) Berlin, Germany Radle, T. H.  
#71 (27-May-44) Karlsruhe, Germany Morrison, H. A.  
#74 (30-May-44) St. Pol-Siracourt, France Halvorson, H.  
#76 (02-Jun-44) Wimereux, France Rector, W. H.  
#77 (02-Jun-44) Conches, France Rector, W. H.  
#79 (04-Jun-44) Pas de Calais / Marquise, France Rector, W. H.  
#81 (05-Jun-44) Le Touquet, France Rector, W. H.  
#82 (06-Jun-44) Caen, France Rector, W. H.  
#84 (06-Jun-44) Argentan, France Rector, W. H.  
#85 (07-Jun-44) Nantes, France Fargason, B.  
#87 (11-Jun-44) Le Touquet – Merlimont Plage, France Lewis, H. E.  
#91 (18-Jun-44) Misburg, Germany Shute, J. E.  
#92 (19-Jun-44) St.Jean D’Angely, France Shute, J. E.  
#93 (20-Jun-44) Fallerslaben & Koningsborn, Germany Brown, T. K. ABORT #2 Eng out
#94 (21-Jun-44) Berlin, Germany Rousseau, J. S.  
#95 (22-Jun-44) Nucourt, France Brown, T. K.  
#96 (23-Jun-44) St. Quentin, France McKinley, R. A.  
#97 (24-Jun-44) Wesermunde, Germany Prischmann, E. H.  
#99 (25-Jun-44) Vercors, France Area #1 Brown, T. K.  
#100 (28-Jun-44) Denian/Prouvy, France Brown, T. K. CRASHED after T/O


Crashed on take off for mission 28/6/44; mechanical fault led to fire break out, and call to bale out; crash landed a few miles away at Woolpit, Suffolk, UK 28/6/44, Salvaged.

Members of the Tom Brown crew that were on board 42-102419 for mission 100.

Tom Brown Pilot Returned to Duty
Bob Jacobs Co-Pilot Returned to Duty
Herbert Wolf Navigator Returned to Duty
T/Sgt Tom Middleton Bombardier Returned to Duty
Melvin Hann Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner Returned to Duty
Peter Karp Radio Operator Returned to Duty
Francis Peisel Ball Turret Gunner Returned to Duty
John Chernega Waist Gunner Returned to Duty
Joe Chebeta Waist Gunner Returned to Duty
George Felsing  Tail Gunner Returned to Duty




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