B-17G-35-DL 42-107229

710th SQ

Brand new, taxiing out at the Douglas plant in Long Beach, CA. Still frame from the film An American Romance.



Delivered Tulsa 28/3/44; Kearney 11/4/44; Grenier 28/4/44; Assigned 710BS/447BG [C] Rattlesden 1/5/44; Missing in Action Rechlin 25/8/44 with Eldon Henningson, Co-pilot: Henry Manuel, Navigator: Arnold Wallstrom, Bombardier: Chas McGuire, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Otis Lumpkin, Radio Operator: John Kates, Ball turret gunner: Bill Holloman, Waist gunner: Lee Plant,Tail gunner: Harry Long (9 Returned to Duty); flak hits KO’d #1 and #4, jettisoned equipment but ditched North Sea, crew rescued by Air Sea Rescue two hours later. ROWDY REBEL.







710SQ; MIA Rechlin 8/25/44 w/Henningson; ditched Channel; 9RTD

Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database