42-31100 THE GIMP

B-17G-1-BO 42-31100

709th SQ — B

One of the original Harvard aircraft, 42-31100 “B” The Gimp, was assigned to the 709th squadron and arrived at Rattlesden in November 1943.


On New Year’s Day, 1945, during takeoff in fog and heavy clouds, The Gimp stalled and made a belly landing at the far end of the runway. Lt. Beighley‘s crew survived, but the aircraft was written off and salvaged.




Harvard photo, dated October 27, 1943, with an unidentified crew


National Archives photo (date unknown, but before January 1945) of The Gimp and aircraft from several groups during refit or modifications at a repair depot (probably the Strategic Air Depot Honington). The Gimp was damaged over Dollenbergen on New Years Day 1945, and crash landed at the base. It was written off and salvaged.




Other notes: 709SQ;  HARVARD b/d Dollbergen, c/l base 1/1/45; see Aircraft Gallery 1 ; Profile





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