B-17G-1-BO 42-31127

708th SQ — P

One of the original Harvard crews, flown to England by the John Stenvig crew.

2nd Lt. John A. Stenvig Pilot
2nd Lt. Lillard L. Martin Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. William E. Eilau Navigator
2nd Lt. John R. Hughes Bombardier
S/Sgt. Richard W. Harman Engineer
S/Sgt. John N. Leavitt Radio Operator
Sgt. Oliver T. Lindeman Ball Turret
Sgt. Harry B. Mattice Waist Gunner
S/Sgt. John J. Mueller Waist Gunner
Sgt. Armand A. Hubert Tail Gunner


Delivered Dallas 22/9/43; Harvard 8/10/43; Assigned 94BG Rougham 19/11/43; transferred 708BS/447BG [CQ-A] Rattlesden 1944


The plane crashed on return from Brussels 28/4/44 when u/c collapsed halfway down runway on landing, a check by Gp Tech. Insp. found errors in settings. Salvaged 20/5/44.

Chas Dowler Pilot
Vernon Arnold Co-Pilot
Leonard Erickson Navigator
? Bombardier
Sandy Conti Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Francis Brownson Radio Operator
George King Ball Turret Gunner
Larry Steinhafel Waist Gunner
Ken Shimp Waist Gunner
John Marabito Tail Gunner






Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database