42-31154 SHACK HAPPY

B-17G-5-BO 42-31154

708th SQ — O

Undated photo. Probably one of the few OD aircraft stripped of paint, as traces are still seen around windows.


Delivered Dallas 25/9/43; Harvard 7/10/43; Assigned 708BS/447BG Rattlesden 19/10/43


The Wiggin crew was aboard 42-31154 Shack Happy when it was lost to flak over Merseburg on November 25, 1944.

Norman Wiggin KIA
Ray Hansen KIA
Phil Harper KIA
Andy Bezak KIA
Ken Reynolds KIA
Marvin Olson KIA
Chester Lambert KIA
Phil Moscherosch POW
Jim Martin POW

Missing Air Crew Report 10855 (10755?)


Andy Bezak; Top Turret Gunner






708SQ;  HARVARD FTR Merseburg 11/25/44 w/Wiggin; flak, cr Merseburg; 7KIA 2POW

Missing in Action Merseburg 25/11/43 flak, crashed Merseburg, Ger.




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